The one glove to rule all gloves..

Sometimes I really think my life is boring, mundane, and uneventful. Then something happens that makes me realize my life is pretty awesome. I went to see some live music with a friend Friday and ended up crashing at her place. Saturday morning I woke up, stumbled out in my pjs to use the bathroom and met two of the other male roomies. After talking to them (one was from New Zealand) about how I want to go to New Zealand to see the Shire and have a pint at the Green Dragon. He ran to his room and whipped out an old school Lord of the Rings map coinciding with New Zealand. That alone made my heart pitter patter.  After the talk I went to actually put on real clothing.

As I was getting ready to get dressed the Kiwi (New Zealander) came in and said he wanted to show me something, but couldn’t bring it to me because all of his books would fall over. That was music to my ears and I was pretty willing to go check whatever it was out. He then handed me some white gloves and said I needed to put them on. Then a little reluctantly followed him into his bedroom.

This is my "wow, I have never been asked to do this by a guy before" face.
This is my “wow, I have never been asked to do this by a guy before” face.


Please note the amazing outfit. I did not get a chance to put on real clothing. After following said boy into his room with gloves on he opened a large wooden box. Before you think this is going to get Pg-13 rated, let me inform you that this guy is a blacksmith (another wicked cool fun fact and we will most likely start calling him the blacksmith if he needs to be referred to again). He moved from New Zealand here, but trained under the man that made all the armor for the Lord of the Rings films. So, with that back story, he opened his box (that sounds a bit dirty, but this post has those awesome 12 year old boy innuendos). After opening the box he started to unroll something. Out he pulled a giant metal armor hand much like the one Sauron wore.

The metal hand was the size of me. My hand barely fit.
The metal hand was the size of me. It was awesome.



It was freaking rad being able to put this amazing piece of art on. My hands are pretty bite sized so getting it to fit was wicked difficult, but we made it work. It was a team project and we won! After wearing the hand and being amazed that it took over a month to make and the craftsmanship that went into it. Another roll was lifted from the box and slowly opened. Out came two smaller armor gloves. They were breath taking and I naturally wanted a similar pair to wear when I go out, just maybe not as bulky.

Smaller glove that I considered stealing.
Smaller glove that I considered stealing.



After reviewing this pictures I am quite amazed at how good I look with the metal gloves on, but more importantly first thing in the morning with little sleep. Go me! Anyway, after this picture was taken I considered running off with the gloves, but the blacksmith had at least a foot on me and I didn’t want to get beat up that early in the morning. I know I said I wouldn’t just share blanket stories, but I would give you more.

Lately I have been thinking about what my purpose is in life, what am I meant to do and how do I make my life seem less mundane and monotonous. I think I’ve come to the simple answer that life cannot always be an adventure and exciting experience because then you wouldn’t be able to recognize the moments that are meant to make a memory.  every moment is taking your breath away then you won’t remember the moments that will impact your life. After thinking about it I still have no idea what my purpose in life is, but I think that is part of the beauty of life, it is imperfectly perfect and unpredictable. I am learning, exploring, and opening myself up to learning my purpose, but until then I am going to keep taking chances, like putting on a pair of white gloves while walking into a mans bedroom. Maybe I won’t do that one again though. 🙂 I will keep striving to be the best me, to find the memories and moments to share with those I love, and to help others in anyway I can. Trying on the gloves and the experience I had yesterday helped to teach me that life can be dull sometimes to make room for the amazing moments that will stay with you. It also helped to reenforce that my life is pretty freaking epic.



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